• APIOAK is a simple and easy-to-use API gateway developed in Lua language. It is perfectly combined with OpenResty to make your service expansion stronger, the development of expansion simpler, the interface format more unified, and the interface management easier and more controllable.

  • APIOAK's so-called easy-to-use is: "Maximum user time is saved, the interface is simple and clear, the operation is convenient, and the functions you want to use are at a glance." This is also the original intention of APIOAK design. Therefore, the operation has repeatedly interviewed many programmers (usage habits) and products (user experience) to understand their usage habits and operation inertia to determine a set of operation interface suitable for most people.

  • APIOAK installation and startup are also quite simple and quite easy. Compared with other gateway installations, the installation of this gateway is a piece of cake. Just use your little finger to install and start the gateway, and you can use it directly.

  • APIOAK adds a lot of details, which is also one of APIOAK's more prominent highlights, so pay attention to the details during the reading of the document. Understanding all the operation tutorials will make your use easier.

If you are a junior programmer, it does n’t matter, we guessed that the terminology that you do n’t understand may appear in the tutorial. So we will explain some terms.

If you are an intermediate programmer, it does not matter. The design of the gateway is simple to use, easy to use, and can be used with confidence.

If you are an advanced programmer, it does n’t matter. We did not do well enough. You are welcome to guide us to a higher level.

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